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Black Girls Are Magic #BlackGirlMagic

Black Girls Are Magic

Earlier this week, Ayva told me she wished she had “gold hair like Ashley’s”. Now, being the Soul Sister Mama that I am, I let her know that her hair is beautiful, just like her friend’s, with the added benefit of being able to be braided, twisted, curled, straightened, or left alone to be gorgeous all on its own. Raising a little Black girl, I knew these types of things would come up. Heck, raising a little girl of any color, I’m sure these things come up. Insecurities, wanting to be like everyone else,the desire to fit it, these are the things that we deal with when we are the caregivers for little women.

That’s why the timing of this Black Girls Are Magic tee-shirt is absolutely perfect. My friend Cashawn started this campaign after finally finding the word to describe what she had been witnessing her entire life. Magic. The magic of being a Black Girl. The magic of being a Black Woman. The feelings, the energy, the thing that takes our breath away.

So, back to the gold hair thing. I told Ayva that we just needed to rub a little coconut oil on her hair and it would shine, too. I did that, brushed and braided her hair, added some barrettes, a ribbon, and when Ayva walked into school the next day…Black Girl Magic. :-) And then today, the shirt arrived as if to bring my point home. Perfect timing…or magic?

Black Girls Are Magic

Black Girls Are Magic

Black Girls Are Magic

Black Girls Are Magic

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  1. Sharelle D. Lowery says:

    Awww….I love this. I almost cried when I read that she wanted gold hair like Ashley. But I love how you empowered her right back and let her know that she positively MAGIC! Please keep writing…

    • BrandiJeter says:

      Thank you so much, @sharelledlowery:disqus! I remember that conversation on your FB page last year about hair and how some WOMEN still seemed to be hurt…

  2. Kristin Wheeler says:

    She is adorable! And very flexible too! I think gymnastics WILL be in her future!!! =)

    • BrandiJeter says:

      We’re going to do gymnastics camp, @kristin_wheeler:disqus! I’ll be looking to you for some pointers!

  3. I love this and my Ayva. But that last photo though… looks like… you tal’m bout me. LOL!

  4. Jessica @EatSleepBe says:

    She just keeps getting more adorable! Did you see the speech that Lupita Nyong’o gave on beauty? If not, watch this. It’s both haunting and beautiful.
    Oscar Winner Lupita Nyong’o’s Speech On Beauty That Left An Entire Audience Speechless

  5. You are raising her right!!

  6. I love her! She is magic! And yes I think all girls go through that, They want what the other one has. She’ll lose that faster with your guidance!

  7. Yes!! I love this! She is magic!

  8. Thank you for your post. Our 5 year old often tells me she doesn’t like the color of her skin and she doesn’t like her hair. We reinforce that she’s beautiful just as God made her. Going to make her that shirt!


  1. […] of her race. There was only one instance where Ayva coveted a trait from one of her classmates (the time she wished she had gold hair), but other than that she was confident and comfortable with herself. From the parents to the […]