Moms Are Not Perfect – A Haiku

Mama Knows It All, haiku, moms

Moms are not perfect.

We don’t always get it right,

Just most of the time.

Happy Mother’s Day!


  • Michelle

    Love this! Beautiful picture of you and your little Diva :) Happy Mother’s Day!!!

    • BrandiJeter

      Thank you, Michelle! I appreciate it!

  • melissa weintraub

    Beautiful! Gorgeous picture of the two of you! Happy Mother’s Day:)

    • BrandiJeter

      Thank you, Melissa!!

  • Arelis Cintron

    Love it! And its comforting to know, that as a mom, I might get it all right but most of the time. That to me is comforting as I seem to inch closer and closer to motherhood.

    • BrandiJeter

      It’s true. We are only human .Even though we love with super human strength!