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Read Multicultural Books with Farfaria


As the mother of a little Black girl, I’m always looking out for books with characters that Ayva can see herself reflected in. It’s not always an easy task, and I have found it surprisingly challenging when searching for e-books in particular. We recently discovered Farfaria, a virtual library app, that is intentionally offering books with diverse characters. Ayva and I have been trying the app out for a couple of weeks, and both of us really enjoy it.

In addition to the regular offering of contemporary stories on Farfaria with multicultural characters, Farfaria is releasing new books this month in honor of Black History Month. ¬†Titles like, “Little Martin’s Big Dreams”, “Rosa and Frankie”, and “Harriet Tubman” help introduce children to great African-American heroes. Farfaria offers books written at all different reading levels, and there are several that served as great conversation starters for Ayva and me.

Farfaria currently has over 300 books available to download, and more are added every week. Right now, they even have awesome stories for Valentine’s Day! Since downloading it, Ayva has read dozens of books, many on her own using the “Read to Me” feature. Instead of a generic robotic voice reading the book, there are real voice actors that add flavor to the stories and make them interesting and fun to listen to. The app is free to download and try, and a subscription (which includes an unlimited amount of book downloads per month) is only $3.99/month…that’s waaaay less than you pay for cable!

Have you tried Farfaria? What do you think about it? 


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  1. Janeane Davis says:

    My twins love reading e-books which is great because I don’t have to worry about them being lost or misplaced!

  2. arelis cintron says:

    This sounds like a great app … I do not have kids yet but I know a ton and would love to pull out my portable library and read to them :) Thanks for sharing this with us!

  3. Wow, look at Ms. Ayva! She’s beautiful, Brandi and growing up so nicely. Hear great things about you guys. Excited and happy for you both…opps ALL!

  4. MommyTesters says:

    I had never heard of Farfaria and I love the idea of books showing some more diversity! What a great thing for travel instead of putting on a movie. Thanks Brandi!

  5. Still DatingMySpouse says:

    I am always looking for books that my young man can relate to as well. Thanks for this introduciton to Farfaria.

  6. Amiyrah Martin says:

    This looks like a great app for kids and we all about finding great ones that encourage learning here. Now all we need is an iPad to play it :)

  7. Thank you for reviewing Farfaria; it is a fine app with a very good collection of titles. Another option is Tumblebooks, available through your public library’s website (in Oakland, try here: http://www.oaklandlibrary.org/online-resources/e-books-and-downloadable-audiobooks; in Philadelphia, try here: http://search.freelibrary.org/digitalmedia.cfm).

    Tumblebooks is a free service, doesn’t require any downloading, and can be accessed through a PC, laptop, tablet, e-reader, smartphone, etc. Tumblebooks collection is a little smaller than Farfaria, but offers other features to help inspire reading (games and puzzles, lesson plans for teachers, etc).

    Literacy meets the technological tools of our modern days; Farfaria and Tumblebooks, plus a few others, are leading the way in an enjoyable and easily accessible fashion.