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Doc McStuffins’ Halloween Special: A Preschooler Review

Halloween is coming soon, and as the mother of a 3-year-old, I really can’t tell you who was more excited about the Disney Jr. Halloween specials, her or me. Look, I love my classics like “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”, but I was really looking forward to the Doc McStuffins’ Halloween Special. I mean, Ayva was looking forward to it!

Doc McStuffins is a great show about a little girl who is a doctor to toys. Her mother is a doctor, too, and I love seeing her emulate her mother in her own “practice”. Doc is such a positive image for young girls. Since Ayva started watching it, I have had more check-ups and been diagnosed more than I can even count! There are very few shows that I let Ayva watch. I find that some of the shows geared towards younger children encourage some negative behaviors like whining, and children don’t need to be in front of the television all day every day anyway. Doc McStuffins seems to inspire creative play, so it makes it on our playlist.

The Halloween special was so fun! It was the same length as a regular episode (about 24 minutes), and there were 2 stories included in the episode. The first story, “Boo Hoo to You”, about a ghost named Sebastian who is afraid of Halloween is Ayva’s clear favorite. The second story, “It’s Glow Time” touts the benefits of getting regular exercise and play outdoors. That Doc is one smart little girl! The full episode is available on Disney Jr.’s website. Before you head over there, though, check out Ayva’s review!

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  1. Summer Len Davis says:

    This child needs to be in commercials. She just OMG! She’s just SO CUTE! I’m coming to Cali for a girl’s weekend SOOOON.