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Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby (One Day…)

As a young teenager, I had a female family member that I absolutely adored.  A college student, everything about her was majestic and wonderful to me.  When she sat me down one day and told me about the time that she slept with a boy in her dorm room that she didn’t love, she made a mark on me that sex and love and monogamy, all went hand in hand together.  Fortunately, I hadn’t been introduced to sex yet, but even still, at 13, that talk, I felt, was a little bit late.

My parents never talked to me about the birds and the bees.  There was no “this is how it works”.  I learned a lot by reading V.C. Andrews books (quite the rage in middle school), and listening to some of my “fast tail” friends talk about their experiences.  So, when will I talk to Ayva?  What will I say? How will I say it?  Take a look at this week’s The Conversation Thread on iVillage with Amanda, Beth, Kelly, Sharon and me, and see if you agree with what we think about how “the talk” should happen!

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